Preserve Your Constitutional Rights & Civil Liberties

Discrimination, unlawful arrest, and use of excessive force are just some of the ways government actors or law enforcement officers can violate your rights and liberty. Protect your rights by consulting with Charity Grimm Krupa. Charity serves as a civil rights attorney for clients across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Call Charity Grimm Krupa, Attorney at Law, at (724) 569-9608, or contact us online for an appointment.

Civil Rights Advocacy Includes Several Important Topics

Charity Grimm Krupa works hard for Pennsylvanians who have suffered violations of their civil and constitutional rights. If you suspect that your rights have been violated in one of the following ways, please call Charity now.

Excessive Force

Employment Discrimination

Unlawful Arrest

Whistleblower Retaliation

First Amendment Freedom
of Speech Violations

Deprivation of Property
without Due Process of Law

Your Civil Rights Could Be At Risk

Charity Grimm Krupa knows how important our constitutional rights and civil liberties are. She works hard on behalf of her clients throughout Pennsylvania to protect these rights. Whether you experienced discrimination in the workplace or had your First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights stifled, Charity will work hard to represent you in court and restore your rights and liberty.