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One Case at a Time

Attorney Passionate About Protecting Client Rights

Charity Grimm Krupa is an attorney passionate about protecting the rights of her clients. From custody battles to civil rights violations, she takes the steps necessary to assert your rights and seek justice when those rights are violated. When you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights, contact Charity Grimm Krupa, Attorney at Law, at (724) 569-9608.

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Challenging Court Cases & Litigation are Welcome

A natural trial attorney, Charity Grimm Krupa will not shy away from challenging court cases. While some attorneys might be reluctant to litigate cases against politically connected parties or government defendants, this does not intimidate Charity. Clients appreciate Charity’s down-to-earth demeanor and caring attitude. Charity Grimm Krupa takes the time to answer questions and to explain the legal process to clients in a way that they can understand. When it is time to go to court, she will be by your side, ready to protect your rights.

Areas of Practice for Charity Grimm Krupa

Charity Grimm Krupa, Attorney at Law handles a variety of cases in her areas of practice:

Criminal Defense

Matters relating to: DUI and Traffic Court; Drug Violations (Possession, Delivery, Paraphernalia); Assault (Aggravated, Simple, Sexual); Theft Crimes (Burglary, Robbery, Retail Theft); Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes, and Resisting Arrest and Escape

Civil Rights

Matters relating to: Excessive Force; Unlawful Arrest; First Amendment Freedom of Speech Violations; Employment Discrimination; Whistleblower Issues; and Deprivation of Property without Due Process of Law

Civil Law

Matters relating to: Divorce and Custody; Protection from Abuse (PFAs); Domestic Relations Alimony, Spousal Support, Child Support; Wills and Estates; Legal and Medical Powers of Attorney; Guardianship; Voluntary and Involuntary Terminations and Adoptions; Personal Injury (Auto Accidents, Slip and Fall, Quad Accidents, Negligence); Breach of Contract; and Property Disputes

Law Office Located in Smithfield, PA
Near Albert Gallatin High School

The Law Office of Charity Grimm Krupa is near Albert Gallatin High School in Smithfield, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and accepts clients in civil rights cases throughout Pennsylvania. Charity also represents clients in criminal and other civil cases throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties.

Charity Grimm Krupa - Community Involvement

Charity Grimm Krupa, Attorney at Law provides legal services that are an interactive asset to the community. She welcomes satisfied clients to provide testimonials and commentary via her Facebook page.

“Well God showed up! Charity was the messenger of truth and faith. Thank you, Charity! I believe this was not about me, I know who this was for! God Bless and thank you again.”
-Jenny M. (via Facebook)

“Number one attorney in Fayette County – One of us – will fight for the people.”
-Pearl H. (via Facebook)